Princess Fiona

Posted By on February 4, 2021

Through a few questions, without judgement or you sermons, the therapist delves into the obvious and evident symptoms – with the order to assess the patient’s ability to detect, identify, differentiate and properly register their emotions, thoughts and situations, to implicit and not aware schemas and automatic thoughts that should be changed. Through direct modification of the convictions and dysfunctional schemas we can achieve change. Constructivist perspective (second line of cognitive therapy) in constructivist theories, postulates Rationalists in contrast, there is a right way of seeing reality. The human being is not positioned reactive but proactive way with regard to knowledge. Psychological disorders arise when the current construction of certain situations not already serves to give meaning to the experience.

According to Kelly, the person builds their experience from personal constructs, which are reviewing the experience. Keep them when they are being invalidated the basis of psychological disorders. Have sufficient flexibility to revise them and generate constructions alternatives is healthy. Guidano develops a postmodern theory and posracionalista that describes four organizations meaning personnel (OSP); namely: the depressive organization, the obsessive, the fobica and the disorders eating. From this posracionalista perspective, change is understood from the integration of egodistonicas situations or lived with puzzlement by the patient, unrelated to a perception of continuity and coherence of self. Princess Fiona, this is the character that I think that the functioning of this perspective can be seen more clearly.

Fiona has perfectly revised your mental construction based on their experience. Its meaning that ugly people can not be loved is resignificado with the experience when, once she discovers his real identity is an ogra and not that of a Princess, but Shrek does not care and declares his love. There has been change, which is understood as a process that is taking place permanently in each person’s life, that at all times we are giving meaning to each one of our experiences.

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