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They consist of a supporting metal frame (steel or aluminum), ribs and shuttering plates. The frame of a closed hollow profile with a contoured ribbed formwork protects the ends of the plate from damage and allows you to combine items in any place. Metal frame not only provides the necessary rigidity formwork design, but iznachitelno easier and faster assembly of modular elements. Shoring panel is usually made of plywood. But as the wood veneer has disadvantages, as discussed above.

Therefore, wooden shuttering boards more often, compared with the other elements formwork, in need of repair and replacement. A number of firms producing formwork systems, today addressing the issue of increasing the number of cycles of operation of formwork to improve the quality of concrete surface. One of these new developments is the new 'sendvich'-material developed by German experts. His distinguished: a low hygroscopicity, lower weight, compared with plywood, uv resistance, resistance to mechanical damage, low adjacency to the concrete and simplified cleaning. 'Sendvich'-material consists of a layer penopropilena, lined on both sides of aluminum sheets and layers of PP-Polypropylene. Price m2 of such plates approximately two times higher than the plywood board, but it provides a greater number of cycles of use of formwork and improved quality of concrete. For polucheniyarovnoy wall surfaces, ceilings, etc. important moment is to preserve the geometry of formwork during . Each manufacturer pays great attention to the development of original fittings (locks, anchor elements, pads, etc.) implement a reliable, durable, with flat seams fixing of formwork.

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