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Posted By on March 1, 2021

The allied intervention to the geographic and social political characteristics represents the differential of the cities and certifies its degree of deteriorizao. On the basis of the addition of these negative factors, the paper of the arborization in public or private areas assumes the importance, as one of the factors for the healthful environment. Inside of this perspective: ' ' The concern with the ambient preservation, in view of not only the value of the nature in itself, as well as the direct relation with the existence of the humanity, must consist of any basic program of governo' '. (VITAL 2005) To brake the upheavals provoked in result of the occupation disordered in the cities it is of great relevance the creation of urban green areas, therefore beyond taking care of to the basic objectives of conservation of the nature, also they can contribute for one better quality of life of the human being. The urban spaces are characterized for the distinction of the versatility with the imponent vegetable use (urban forests) or for the distinction of the horizontalidade (gardens). The functions that the green areas and the free spaces play in the urban way can be grouped in three sets: paisagsticos values, recreativos values and ambient values. In if treating to the ambient function, it is verified, that the vegetation has looked for to fulfill its paper ecological, reflecting in the social one, therefore, when the ambient standard in the urban ecosystem is improved, well-being is observed thus physical and mental of that if they benefit: ' ' The harmonic conviviality between the population and ' ' verde' ' it will only be materialize when the planificaes of the spaces will allow the presence of the vegetation and the arborizations will be, effectively, implemented, monitored and preservadas' '. ' ' The urban trees are patrimonies, whose zeal competes to all, therefore they count history and of it they make parte' '.

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