Ocarina ECOsystem

Posted By on January 21, 2021

\”The combination of the new Isilon IQ with the Ocarina ECOsystem a data reduction factor of 10:1 achieved 36 NL, Isilon Systems increase the system load on 90 percent, specialist for scale-out encrypting, and Ocarina networks, provider called content-aware\” compression and de duplication solutions for online stores that offer starting immediately an integrated nearline-archival system. Part of the package is Isilons today presented new 36 NLStorage-product and the Ocarina ECOsystem memory optimization software. Data to a factor of 10:1 with the usage of the solution can reduce and improve the storage utilisation rate up to 90 percent. This positive effect under various aspects for companies. Investments include a better use of existing capacities and lower costs for power and cooling in addition to lower storage. Also the management effort decreases significantly.

Result is a significant decline in the overall costs with the operation of storage in connection. The package solution in detail the Ocarina ECOsystem can be used on all products, Isilon and allows companies to use content sensitive compression and Deduplication techniques. The software is optimized mainly for the interaction with the new 36NLSpeichersystem. Joint use with the Isilon storage system that waits with the currently highest utilization rates in the market and offers the unique opportunity to scale, with a OneFS file system on up to 3.45 petabytes (PB) increase the system efficiency by 20 percent. Compared to classic NAS systems that work with conventional de duplication technologies, a higher data reduction factor of 10:1 be achieved also. On the basis of today’s best values in terms of storage utilization and data reduction the nearline archive especially for companies who are at home in the life sciences or 2.0 – Web solutions and operate is interesting. With the package solution they can more efficiently run used storage solutions for the storage and management of file-based data and at the same time Significantly lower operating costs.

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