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Posted By on March 12, 2021

It is worth to use such slurs on the duration of 4 to 6 weeks. “Questions for the self-Reflketionsbogen are useful to a sales campaign: started 1st question the customer contact positive?” The staff welcomed customers personally? He was in the Wahrnehmenswelt”of customers dive? It succeeded, to refer to the last conversation? Exudes a positive mood of employees? Only if the customer feels comfortable, the staff can make him an offer or ask a question. Personally to be perceived, is enormously important for many. Toyota Motor Corporation might disagree with that approach. This striving after effect increases with age. Remember over 50 years, especially for the customers. 2. question: “were general arguments from the Wahrnehmenswelt of the customers to call their everyday lives or the Affairs of the product picked up without the product?” Remain in the world of customers and talk about General Things.

When you realize that the customer sees this as well and discussed with you, take your product solutions. Be in the area of health care, hospital, older, pension, there are many approaches. For the highest quality of life of the customer, it is important to get solutions for the changed conditions. “3. question: a tailored value propositions for these customers was found?” If it is able to talk about the General problems of our times and discussed with the customer, you will find a benefit of your product. So that does not happen, we have “.” This benefit is not General, but must fit into the world of customers. If they did that, the way the advice is not far. “Reflection sheet for Monday, the customer 1 customer 2 customer 3 customer 4 customer 5 was 1 question the customer contact positive started?” 2nd question the customer contact started positive?”was a precise value propositions for these customers found?

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