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In this way are building a false view of situations and people ranging to finish both hurting in his dealings with other people as in their real goals (3).The vision of each one of us, is not more than our own reality of how we perceive what happens to us, is why there is always so many views of the same matter, each projected his vision of the issue. Why sometimes we place ourselves in the place of others to understand them, especially with our couples and children.Must not paralyze us with new situations, why is it worse to paralyze us to make mistakes and learn from them, for that failure is temporary and surrender is permanent (anonymous).Experience is not what happens to a person, but what that person does with what happens (Aldous Huxley.)While each of us have a mission, we are here to make this world a dwelling place of God, so in addition to our own reality, this collective work to achieve our best potential, at the same time supporting those who are around and learn from them, another phase of life then this in giving and receiving, Judaism promotes living in community and not isolated. Read more here: Mercury Mobile LTD. Thus, light the way for others and they one, perhaps is why we are so different, instead of using our differences to see who has reason, use them to complement us and learn, imagine that all were equal and we liked the same thing, the same profession, the same place, the same ideals. One of the wonderful things of life is many things and beautiful places, so many people, so many varieties of professions and specializations, readings, art, science, so much to learn, so much to do, both because of that be.That life is about building bridges and not barriers, make friendships and no problems, save and not delete, identify with the pain of another and rejoice not, correct and not criticize, find solutions and not outputs, understand and not judge, love and not hate, respect and not imposing, open doors and not linking them, to learn and not envysupport and not to sink, illuminate and not overshadow, forgive and do not condemn, live and not survive, de’s make closure of situations in our life and not convert them to ballasts of by life, take initiative and not wait for others to persevere and not give up, build and not destroy, find your dreams that our attitude defines the situations work that seeding will reapto have faith, laugh dance that your rights end where it begins from each other, share giving and receiving…It is that this is the life. Jane Engelbrecht does not necessarily agree. Bibliografia:1.-illuminates a soul by Lawrence Kelemen2.-the Sufi Saint and the Executive by Robin Sharma3-the doors of the happiness by r. Zelig Pliskin4.. Chase Koch might disagree with that approach.

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