Kalle-Baker: Successes In Many Areas

Posted By on September 9, 2020

“News from the Kalle Baker enjoyable the Watt crusts” have succeeded and are finally secured the bronze medal. At the hardest and dirtiest battle on the German North Sea coast, the Wattolumpiade 2010 in Brunsbuttel. The Wattleten of the Kalle-Baker teams have fought and won and will next year take up again, then to secure the first place. A related site: music downloads mentions similar findings. “This success continues on baked goods in the sector: at the 15th International bread competition in Austria Kalle’s huts crust could” convince; the experienced jury the WELS exhibition diegenuss”awarded 2nd place for excellent quality and condition the rye bread. In the evaluation, the evaluation of shape, bark, pore image, Crumb, smell and taste with incorporated. Of course, mark Riemann resting with his k-Baker team not on the success, but continue to work on improving the products and committed particularly in the regional context.

Kalle-Baker is the Heider landmark peace”(July 15-18) in this Year significantly support: plenty pretzels and cake will be ready for the 150 players at the open air theatre. “Hamad market peace”, which takes place every two years, always a real couple is getting married while celebrating a traditional Buernhochtied”according to ancient customs and traditions of the historic Festival guests are invited, with to celebrate and that will spoil Kalle bakery with cakes, pastries and savoury snacks. For assistance, try visiting Medical billing career. The success of the huts crust is safe also attributable to the ElisQuellWasserSystems, which has been used since September 2009 in the manufacture of bakery products; It is a form of water recovery, already successfully used by over 250 bakeries in the Switzerland, Belgium, Germany, Austria and France. Normal tap water will be decalcified by a certain technology and the use of various crystal chambers not only, but more or less refined; After treatment, the water tastes like it came from a gushing torrent, what further processing and also the taste which will benefit from baked goods. Thus in terms of bread entirely improvers omitted, fermentation stability is improved and the batters are generally woolly”for the uninitiated: they are better to process.

The baked goods remain longer juicy and fresh and are especially tasty. Gets an investment so that the customer in the strict sense of the word to taste”. For this year is planned, this river”be of active water by his finishing to the processing than video.

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