How To Use The Power Of Tiger

Posted By on November 17, 2013

The famous rock as the eye of the Tiger makes us think in shapes of the Tiger. Pacienzudo oriented, secured, prepared, with proper time and slow and deliberate actions. Tiger eye sowing the balance and the power to get things that we set through the thorny periods of life. It soothes the doubt and grants clarity. Tiger eye is also a big rock for the visualization and the Declaration. The Tiger eye instructions can be used for a spell of easy money. Train several of Tiger eyes with his need for money.

Use them to surround a green candle, light the candle and visualize. Tiger eye can help you see in their past lives. Looking at the stone, it quiets your mind and see the flashes of light. Tiger eye gives all reasons for presence immediately. It is very useful for people with ADD / ADHD, bipolar disorder, and any another trend to oscillate from one end to another. Tiger eye is an excellent stone for digestion. If you are having digestion problems, keep the eyes of a tiger in a glass of water and enjoy her throughout the day.

Tips and warnings have pairs of eyes of Tiger, with malachite, citrine, smoky Topaz and Amethyst. Try combining these minerals in bracelets or necklaces. Combine pieces in a bag to carry, or simply put them in his pocket. Some people are more sensitive to the energy of the ore. See their reactions when you use these stones. If you experience anxiety or restlessness, or other physical symptoms, such as nausea, you might want to reduce your exposure. If you are sensitive, try to use only loose stones, and not combinations.

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