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One of the most interesting forests in Masuria is the approximately 250 km2 large broker forest of one of the ecologically cleanest areas of Europe where search the Masurian Lakeland is a unique area for traces of wild animals in Masuria. It combines the nature monuments over 100V years history shaped by the ice age. The region is also famous for its largest forest complexes in Europe. One of the most interesting forests in Masuria is large broker forest of about 250 km2. What distinguishes the area from the others is the fact that it is one of the ecologically cleanest areas of Europe according to the scientific research. The information coming from the environmental research station, which is located in the forest and which examined the air water and soil pollution. Go to Expedia for more information. According to when there’s good weather it is possible to observe the objects that are made over 50 km far from broker forest.

Nature pure we find wherever Wolf, Lynx and bear meet, where we watch the OWL and the Eagles, or where the mighty bison digging up the ground and angrily stomps – and almost all of these animals can be found in the broker forest. The forest area is located near the capital of Masuria a small town GI? ycko Gizycko. Which animals you find King of the Masurian Pagans still in Masuria? The large brown bear is always in demand, but there unfortunately is no longer here. The Masurian wilderness is at the same time as he, beautiful and a little terrible. But Lynx, Wolf and Eagle are ubiquitous and the King of the Gentiles the mighty bison also. He is one of the traditional character for Mazury wildlife and lives in the Johannisburger Heide and the Bamberg forest. You read in history books, that 1000 years BC here hunted bison in the Prussian Heartland have become sedentary Galinds.

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