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2. Time flies: the relativity of time exists and has a lot to do with the way in which our senses perceive the universe, but planning tells us that we should always have control of circumstances, people and effective companies always have satisfactory responses because they employ properly its time. 3 Came us the time above: this is a clear example of disorganization, you must learn to resolve things in the moment in which they are presented, you must distinguish their priorities, people them, aimed at excellence always have a look of serenity, disordered always have an aspect of anxiety. 4 We need to recover lost time: can not, the things that we do yesterday already we cannot do them anymore, people committed to their goals know that one lost day can be the difference between success and failure, sometimes we were about to close an extraordinary business, but there was one detail that we leave it for the next day and it was importantthen the idea does not run properly because we did not have enough responsibility to make things right. For other opinions and approaches, find out what translation software has to say. 5 Am slave of time: the time must be at our disposal for great purposes of life, but we must handle it and never allow to be enslaved so that we can not enjoy many fine things in life, the key is not more work but do it smarter. We can conclude that time is a very valuable resource and also a series of excuses that people seek to justify their own poor organization of the same, to achieve success in any area of our life must work on the basis of goals continually, in the book the secret of the power of the Goals we are told that we must not allow circumstances to take control of our lives..

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