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“For example: we had to make an emergency landing and I’ve helped two people and only then saved me!” “The questions might be: why did you save someone, if you safe emergency landing since?” Or: Funny, this plane crash I heard nothing. When and where was it again?” Or: How can fly a plane at all, if it has only one wing? “.” Accurate observation is also very useful during the conversation, because gestures and facial expressions of the Narrator reveal much about the veracity of the story. Exaggerated hand gestures, dramatic eye rolling and the like are as an indication that the narrator of his story would like to convey a meaning which is at odds with reality. The easiest the blowhard can unmask but if one considers the following attributes: the poseurs always knows everything and knows everybody. No matter where his interlocutor was already the blowhard has also already been there. Longer than a set the blowhard is not talking. Then he interrupts you, likes with own wisdom and stories.

Even before his opponent ever asked the question, the blowhard has the answer. What can I do against a Showboat it is not always easy to tackle a blowhard. Usually also the natural courtesy prevents one to do that, what would actually be right: namely the show-off just stand to leave and to pay any attention to him. This rule of courtesy should be thrown overboard. The show-off otherwise deserved it.

A wonderful way to stop the blowhard, is it easy to turn the tables, and to take the necessary time to him, which he appropriated for themselves. This is fascinating, what they tell. But I documents them with fitting, while other guests have also a right to them,”for example, one possibility would be. Another is silence. Because actually the blowhard expects a response the rules of his game after his counterpart. Silence the necessary platform he needs in order to live out his narcissism takes him immediately. It is also helpful to confuse the self-promoter. For example his entire conversation concept can mess up a completely nonsensical question. “He expects guarantees not having him during his lecture with a question such as what your nice suit actually cost? ‘ interrupt. And if nothing can really slow the braggart, only irony helps. And that may be so implausible, that everyone understands what ultimately is the goal: to silence the Showoffs! Once the blowhard is recognized as a foam bat, it is relatively easy to push him when you throw some courtesy rules overboard from his self-made throne. Only two possibilities are totally nonsensical questions or dismiss is without a Word from the conversation. All the tricks and tips on the subject of blowhard and all wallpapers This phenomenon I there in the reportage as realize a blowhard”on the independent online portal. Editor: Patricia Hansen picture: Gerhard Seybert –

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