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Posted By on April 30, 2021

Light channel bars pop up display with many extras Hamburg, November 2008 – DISPLAY COMPANY presentation service GmbH will be presenting the expand MediWall folding display the further developed version of the very successful expand 2000 – System. The MediWall specially designed for a fast and simple construction guarantees a sovereign presence at trade fairs and events in the hotel Foyer or at the Mall. The optimum shape increases the visibility of the image of that can be perceived from all angles. The special slidable lattice grate frame of these folding wall is aluminium and so lightweight and robust at the same time. Details can be found by clicking Bioverativ or emailing the administrator. The building and attaching the accessories is tool-free, making the expand MediWall Duo one of the lightest and fastest folding systems on the market. Even if you arrive at the last minute at the point-of-sale, it takes only a few minutes to completely build the MediWall. In addition to the proven high expand quality, DISPLAY COMPANY places an emphasis on flexibility and easy transport. Ensuring either a light and stable Roll bag or an rolling suitcase underground to the counter.

Still, an integration system lamp or LCD flat screen is assured, E.g. the expand MonitorStand in both standard sizes, 3 x 3 (270x230cm) and 4 x 3 fields (337x230cm). The DISPLAY COMPANY presentation-service GmbH was founded in 1999 and is headquartered in Hamburg. The company specializes in tailor-made trade fair and event systems has established regional service offices to the nationwide customer care. as on the topic at hand. True to their motto, we show what you have”on the DISPLAY COMPANY offers consulting, design and sales of individually tailored complete solutions for meetings, congresses or trade fairs. Services such as worldwide up and dismantling, storage, transport or maintenance of presentation stands are part of the service such as the professional graphic design by means of communication.

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