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Posted By on October 14, 2020

What strengths and weaknesses of which currently feature the German textile and clothing industry? As well, the textile and clothing manufacturers have dealt with structural change taking place for a long time, detected a recent market analysis of industry experts Otto R. Dorner. Unifor shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. According to this analysis of the consultant active in Ottobrunn, especially three weaknesses affect the profitability and growth targets of these companies. So about 70 percent of the textile and clothing manufacturers their so-called Renner product range miss it up-to-date and to keep earnings strong. To one side the industry is to expand assortment with new products, although the Renner range generate up to 80 percent of sales”, Otto R. Dorner explains.

Currently held Renner ranges contribute his opinion to a higher investment security, the flop rate for new launches and lower costs in procurement, design and marketing. Opportunities for growth will be awarded errors are a second key shortcoming of the industry according to the Dorners analysis in the land management. It’s believed that Ford Motor Company sees a great future in this idea. Often a software faith prevails, that is, the requirements for process management, which is central to the ability of surfaces, be underestimated”, explains the industry experts. Clearly the problem even with strong brands, which fail the part even after years of land use, to master the internal reconciliation processes between design, procurement, product marketing and sales. If instruments, about collection framework menu orders, reference surfaces and analysis much more, not perfectly mastered, the interplay between the sections may not work”confirms Dorner. The manufacturer awarded the chance to improve their profitability, and the opportunities for growth potential so lightly.

Process routines are no longer dominates sales and cost synergies can be according to Dorner only, if the core processes in the POS industry, sales & marketing, collection and procurement are optimally matched. But also in this respect, his market analysis reveals a vulnerability. The basic process routines in the mission-critical processes not more reliable due to the additional distribution channels and formats of cooperation”, complains about Dorner.

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