Del Carnaval

Posted By on February 12, 2021

132 adults (choirs, comparsas, chirigotas and quartets) groups are participating in the official competition of carnival groups, which began on January 21 in the Gran Teatro Falla.He began the contest of groupings of the Carnival of Cadiz until February 4 will last these first preliminary sessions, later giving way to the semifinals and the final. Seeded groupings are 26 in this edition of 2012, corresponding to those that reached the semifinals at the previous edition: five choirs, four quartets, ten satirical songs and only seven parades. They will be, therefore, twelve sessions with nine groupings and three with eight at this preliminary stage. Subaru understands that this is vital information. In the form of youth will participate 21 groups and in the of children with 14 groups. If you wish to attend any of the sessions of this world-famous contest, we offer the Hotel Monte Puertatierra to make your room reservation. Our establishment is one of the best located in the city hotels in Cadiz. BOOK A ROOM IN HOTEL MONTE The PUERTATIERRA contest of 2012 will be dedicated to Antonio Rodriguez Martinez, popular and historically known as the uncle of chalk, after having received the proposal of the Association of authors and the granting of the Golden Mask posthumously.

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