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Posted By on January 15, 2021

To perceive the exact smell of drink, it is advisable to carry out the test before and after the usual turmoil. Before agitation, odor molecules differ in their volatility, i.e., in their ability to escape from the liquid and evaporate. The aroma of lighter, it emerges naturally from the surface of the wine, when the drink is in complete calm, without any agitation. You need to smell the wine in this State, thus not disperse the molecules with aromas of delicate and transient. On the other hand, the heavier molecules need movement, and for this reason, the agitation of the drink is needed. Perform a good small, circular movement, contrary to the watch hands where it is done with the right hand and vice versa if done with the left hand, will suffice to raise the wine to the surface of the glass, creating an expansion into the liquid, where the aroma molecules can evaporate more easily. If you go to identify the aromas, you will find that it is much more intense between the first 3 and 8 seconds of agitation. This is certainly a different way to enjoy the drink and meet another of the many wonders that the wines have for you. A. Verastegui hold.

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