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Posted By on February 15, 2014

The frequency with which the car must be washed will depend, among other factors, the regular vehicle, the parking lot of the same (garage, outdoors under trees, etc.), use of the station of the year, as well as the atmospheric and environmental conditions. Longer stay on the paint of the vehicle the droppings of birds, insect remains, resins of trees, smog and the route, tar stains, soot particles, salts antifreeze and other aggressive dirt, both more persistent its destructive effects will be. High temperatures, for example, the intense solar radiation, boost the caustic effect. So it may, under certain circumstances, you may need to wash the car every week, but it may also be sufficient if it is washed once a month by applying preservatives. The care that we have at the moment of washing the car obey the method used to wash it. Automatic before proceeding to the automatic washing should take normal precautions, how to close the Windows and moonroof. The original ceiling antenna need not be removed. If the vehicle carries special equipment, for example: spoiler, luggage rack of roof, extra antenna, etc., is best first checking the charge of car washes.

Hand wash the vehicle firstly should use plenty of water to soften the dirt, then rinse as best as possible. Always have to clean the vehicle beginning at the ceiling and downwards with a soft sponge, a glove or brush to wash, and applying light pressure. Only apply shampoo when dirt is persistent. Rinse the sponge or glove as often as possible. Leave for the final cleaning of the wheels, sockets, etc., using, if possible, a second sponge. After washing, rinse thoroughly in the vehicle and, finally, dry it with a chamois leather. Recommendations the vehicle should not be washed in full sun. If washing the car with a hose, you must direct the Jet water directly to locks and seals of doors/gate (capo).

Washed under pressure with high pressure cleaner unconditionally adhere to the operating instructions of the appliance of high pressure cleaning, especially in what refers to the pressure and the projection distance. Do not use cylindrical Jet nozzles or so-called strawberries of cleaning, especially with tires, even when the distance is relatively large and applies for a short time, can cause damage. The water temperature may be a maximum of 60 C. Keep a relatively large distance from soft objects, such as plastic accessories, rubber flexible tubes or acrylic. Never wash the vehicle with the ignition on.

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