Canary Islands

Posted By on February 9, 2021

Those who visit for the first time the web site of Solytravel, the online travel agency, will find the wide range of tour packages and hotels in the Canary Islands. Many inhabitants of the continent of Europe, even today, briefly known his potential as a spa, but ignore the almost infinite variety of possibilities offered by the Canary to those looking for a different holiday. Third extension of the archipelago, and second in population behind Tenerife, Gran Canaria Island invites you to a journey to pure nature. Not in vain it was declared by the UNESCO Natural biosphere reserve in 2005.The island of Gran Canaria is known as the miniature continent, precisely by the richness of its fauna and flora and geographical and climatological diversity located there. To the South of the island, for example, in Maspalomas, a mind-boggling dune field, also declared a World Natural Heritage, welcomes visitors with its splendid landscape of Lunar echoes. To only 1 km. More information is housed here: Dollar General. from the dunes, Palmitos Park invites to spend one afternoon than original, between butterflies, tropical birds and countless varieties of cactus and palms. Given the moderate extension of the islands of the Canary archipelago, tourists can indulge yourself choose a hotel on the beach with the tranquility that will never be over 60 Km away from attractions such as these.

Captive beaches? In English, the Las Meloneras or those of St. Augustine. Tenerife is not only the largest of the 7 Islands that make up the Canary Islands: can also be proud of possessing a complete declared city patrimony of the humanity. San Cristobal de la Laguna keeps many surprises for visitors willing to be captivated by its magic. From excursions to the nearby Parque Rural de Anaga or the charming towns of Bajamar and Punta Hidalgo, with its natural pools, to tours of the old historic center of the city, La Laguna, as its inhabitants call it is a jewel that is worth discovering. And a good choice for staying outside the traditional beach hotels. The lodgings and hotels in the Islands Canary Islands take full advantage of its privileged location that brings together the best of the sea, field and the mountain in one place.

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