Appreciating God

Posted By on March 24, 2021

Get a serious analysis of what you wish for and how what you gonna get and gives a date limit.Give a limit to what you want makes you strive your desires when you wanted to have fun or do anything else. Focus on the goal and acts much as you can, because something terrible happens when you don’t act: nothing! Those who manage what they want to agree that everything starts with a plan but that that plan requires lots of action towards the realization of the same. If we take a century to discover our reason for being in this world will have irretrievably lost our lives. Do not leave for tomorrow what You can do today. Discover why you are here and you want to do from now on. Appreciating God’s creation in all creatures that interact with you and appreciates everything around you no matter how simple or complex es. There is the story of an elderly Sage who tried to cross a river in the midst of a bad weather and for this purpose hired the services of a young fisherman and his boat.

They began to pass through the stream. The fisherman rowing stronger which could and meanwhile the elder tried to establish a conversation. Can you read? Asked the boy. Not answered. The old man motioned his head counteracted Has lost a quarter of your life.

Said the old man to the owner of the boat again. As the fisherman was still rowing with all his strength and did not appear with plans to establish some conversation the passenger returned to the fray with talk: do you know math? asked. No! Replied the young almost mascullando the word. You have lost another quarter of your life. He returned to say the meditative elder. The rain went sore and the boat began to make water everywhere. Both were aware that the only solution was to leave the boat, swimming and to stay safe on the other side; It was then that the rower asked the wise man: do you know swimming? No! the elder replied surprised and panic reflected in the dilated pupils and the decomposed countenance. Then, you Lord, has lost his life. Sentenced the fisherman at the time that threw into the water to save life swim to the other side. There is more wisdom in the ignorant people of what we believe. We learn from everyone a little. Sometimes you become a big issue, something small (a storm in a glass of water) and you forget to learn to swim in the river of life. Original author and source of the article.

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