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Posted By on October 20, 2020

Many companies are constantly on the search for a suitable fitting solution for your industrial equipment AKO fittings & separation has become a major entry point for customers, because pinch valves and slide valves of any kind and are in addition to get a high quality. The gate valves are very much in demand. With these components, the product flow can be stopped. This is in many areas of industry of great importance. In the food industry, the exact dosing of materials is important, so that the results are all the same. Due to the high-quality construction, the gate valve but also in other industrial plants can be used. AKO has made faucets developments since the formation in 1984 by Antoine Kopp, which contribute to the high quality of the shut-off valve, currently still.

Continuous operation is possible thanks to the flexibility of the Elastomermanschetten and good mobility of the gate leaf. The Elastomermanschetten are usually made of synthetic rubber. This material is very resistant and offers the customer high resistance to friction. By the resource-saving way of working can be saved in the own operation of energy. This is a major issue especially in the present and for this reason, the shut-off valve find popular among customers. AKO fittings & separation is very committed as a company to adapt the products to more than current conditions. In addition, also special requests of the customers can be realized.

The company is supported in the practices through modern software analysis, which involved very material. Gate valves can on the homepage of… be considered. Are finding plenty of information, which describe a little more the shut-off valve. It is clear that it with AKO fittings & Separat production shut-off valve with two drive options available. The an option is manual and the latter is the pneumatic. The appropriate model can be selected according to customer’s request. No real determination to grasp, is a trained staff available at AKO which like Advice spread and looking for solutions for each problem. Because AKO fittings & separation not only the quality of the pinch valves that are important, but also a good customer service is. Hybrid bikes is often mentioned in discussions such as these. All shut-off valves and other forms of pinch valves are provided at this company in stock. This is beneficial because the delivery time can be limited. Therefore, customers can benefit more quickly from the new gate valves.

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