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I think that a fairly high level of competition, one of the reasons zamentno high prices in burzhenete. Speaking candidly Peet’s Coffee told us the story. The next version – at some point Google found my blog is not good enough, to Hide it good fatty ads. Read more here: music downloads. Those who are interested in Adsense, long quadrupeds that the system itself often determines what will be the cost per 1000 impressions on a particular blog, with this I also agree, but in my case, it dubious version. I think that the increase in clickthrough page says that the ads are relevant enough for visitors to the site, which indirectly indicates the quality. There is another aspect. When Adsense is hanging on several projects from the same account, the income may drown one of the unsuccessful projects.

But, I have this account, only 3 sites – the blog, and 2 burzheorientirovannyh pilot project, which shows more predictable and stable income. In general, these chips and the pitfalls, you can bring a lot of that says that to earn Adsense is quite difficult. By the way, my story continued that the 2 last month, rating eCPM again became a decent rise, and segodnyashy day, approached $ 3 per 1000 impressions, although I have not changed anything at all. Conclusion: Most likely it is that very few people in RuNet can effectively earn Adsense, including, and I am no exception. Adsense for Burzheneta effective because the cost per click for all I know of niches is significantly higher. Despite everything, Adsense, in my opinion, all the same best context-affiliate of the common in RuNet. Beginner blogger or webmaster may not be worth initially communicate with contextual advertising.

The first month, God forbid, the earnings will be $ 1-2, in the next, maybe 3-4, after six months could be off at the $ 10-20 a month. Of course, you can earn more, but the first six months, in my experience very few people earn a total of more than $ 20-50, unless of course, the project is not fully sharpened by kontekstku. And does it make sense to hang Adsense in the first months of life of the project? To earn a $ 2? Kontekstka, as correctly noted Zhukovsky, less effective on the blogs, because a large percentage of visitors your blog – it was his backbone, fixed readers, who paid little attention to contextual advertising. On Adsense can earn good money. Arithmetic is simple, to realize not everyone is given. Abstaktny simple example – the attendance of your project 1000 people per day, each viewing an average of 2 pages, ie 2,000 average daily hits. eCPM $ 3, that is, theoretically, your earnings may be $ 6 per day and $ 180 per month. With several normal projects, you can earn in total fine. Of course, $ 180 per month, or even 180 * 3 (if the projects 3) = $ 540. Not God knows what money, but Adsense is not asking to eat. Then, do not forget – an example, it is absolutely abstract – ‘from the bulldozer. ” If you remember, paragraph 1, and even have quite a serious traffic can have a dime. Example, I just wanted to illustrate that in order to earn at least a couple of hundred a month with a single project, it must be bad developed. That’s all I wanted to say today, I would appreciate if podelitel your experience with contextual advertising, even if it’s not Adsense, but some different system. Another read: Why do blogs die?

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