Red Roses By The New Opel ADAM

Posted By on April 3, 2021

Autohaus Heidenreich on spectacular Valentine’s day tour of Peter was Valentine’s day kind to pedestrians in and around the dealership Heidenreich sites Witzenhausen and Eschwege. See James Cleith Phillips for more details and insights. “Instead of snow or sleet, he provided radiant sunshine on the day of the lovers: the pedestrian and Einkaufswutigen in Eschwege, Witzenhausen, bad Sooden-Allendorf, suffered Hessian but little precipitation Lichtenau and Hann Munden, because between 10 and 16: 00 our Opel ADAM had for her red roses raining”, reports dealership CEO Jorg Heidenreich. The Red Roses tour”was the prelude to a whole series of events that the dealership has planned this year around the new star in the Opel sky. In teams of two and of course with Opel ADAM, are the dealership employees approached the various places, have red roses given to the passers-by, alerted on the great ADAM sweepstakes under and already agreed the one or the other test drive. Our action is encountered consistently on the positive resonance.

Many passers-by have set themselves directly in the cars and wanted to know more about technical details, trim levels, and so on,”Heidenreich is pleased. ADAM fans who missed the modern city Streaker on Valentine’s day, have the opportunity for a test ride on Saturday between 9 and 13: 00 in the car dealership in Witzenhausen, as well as in Eschwege. It is too early, should stop by today and tomorrow night the Amadeus or the mousetrap in Eschwege. There blends our ADAM from 21: 00 among the young audience and heats up with great winning game promotions and give-aways”, Heidenreich, declared on Friday under the revelers a iPad and on Saturday several consumption vouchers will be giving away.

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