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DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer added: with the federal award in gold, which recommends the houses of the Thistle Brewery as outstanding tips operating of in Germany, which sets standards for the industry on issues of quality and enjoyment”. So much praise and the success of the Brewers in thistle, Germany, a village in the Tauber Valley, which now belongs to Tauberbischofsheim forward of course. We see as a confirmation of our philosophy to use only the best ingredients from the region for the preparation of our beers and secure so their consistently high quality for many years”the federal award in gold, Roland Andre commented on the award. Almost 100 percent of the raw materials used in the brewery as about the malting barley come from a radius of less than 100 km to Thistle Hausen. The houses of the Thistle Brewery has existed since 1876 and is already in its fifth generation family-owned. Nearly 190,000 hectolitres annual production with 147 employees, it belongs to the medium in the German beer landscape. The distribution area covers a geographical radius of about 100 kilometers, of Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria (francs) and Hesse touches.

Currently 16 different types of beer are manufactured in thistle Hausen after old brewing process of the region. The houses of the Thistle brewery now achieved an annual value of nearly 35 million euros and receives over 570 jobs in this way directly and indirectly. On the day of the beer was also the DLG beer guide 2009″presented an enjoyment Guide” through the world of German art of brewing. It introduces the best of the best among the German beers, and their flavor profiles. And of course also the winners from the small village of thistle Hausen is not missing. (Caption) Vain joy about the success of the Thistle houses (from left to right): Wolfgang Burgard, President of Deutscher Brauer-Bund; Robert SAH, Brewmaster of the houses of the Thistle brewery; Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner; Roland Andre, Brewmaster and Director of thistle homes brewery; DLG President Carl-Albrecht Bartmer and the Haller Tauber (Vice) hops Queen Maria Hainzinger. For more information with: Daniel houses brewery Ernst Bauer GmbH & Co KG Frank Storzbach green fields str.

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