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Posted By on March 14, 2021

This peaceful unforced love that shaped the national movement. This nationalism in the sense of pan-mesopotamistischen thoughts is not negative or selfish fraught it is, because the love to the home point to the language, as well as the love between the people sang members see each other. At this thought, not nationalism is itself the goal in itself. The Pan Mesopotamismus, is definitely not a nationalism in the (new) German understanding. It expresses also no narrow nationalistic selfishness or prejudice. He is certainly not only carriers of the characteristics of our nation, but also carriers of values and virtues as allowing dogmatic not close a.

But this patriotism in the Mesopotamian sense was always an important factor in the process of establishing the national thing. “” Peter BetBasoo in his article of Assyrian nationalism: a survival mechanism “in AINA, sees that our nationalism of competition with the ideology of religious” is,. and looks in the accompanying Denominationalismus of one of the phenomena of our modern times, which overwhelm our nation during the next centuries”are. “Because it is clear that our nation can’t resist the pressure by the cultural assimilation, if it is divided.” He proposes a nationalism as a mechanical process, which he calls a survival mechanism. He writes: A survival mechanism is an ideology, a set of principles that lead to concrete actions of the abstract doctrines. The reform movement to cause change by mechanical actions. He recommends an active involvement if patriotism in Germany is so disputed, so it has to do with the past.

But to love the motherland and the people in this country can not prevent, through human and life haters by fanatic and violent. Because to love our own people and their own country is not only due to one or several properties or their skills, successes or failures, itself will but for its role in the world, or the beauty. Former German President Johannes Rau has brought the fundamental difference on a non-slip formula: “a Patriot is someone who loves his country. A nationalist is someone who despises the fatherlands of others. ” Here comes the difference to nationalism and a border between nationalism and patriotism in the German understanding is used in a certain clarity. It is now the border between love and hatred in his opinion. Certainly, functioning social institutions can cause much. You can contribute but also, and at incorrect setting of priorities a lot to, to prevent the overthrow of ethical moral values and the awakening of the national consciousness in the sense of a healthy patriotism. I believe that we must try to set our mind, as we with patriotism and nationalism, the virtue of love and the common values to maintain and continue to mediate. Raif Toma

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