Balearic Islands

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Because the mighty Verteidigungsanlange and many forces in the new colonies in America have invested, settled more and more pirates on the power-free”low Islands. The dark period of the Menschenraubes”came up at the end of the island Formentera was completely depopulated. The Islanders responded with the introduction of watchtowers and fortified churches. The towers were in contact with each other and could inform fire sign soon the entire inhabitants, when pirates on the horizon appeared. The population withdrew it out quickly in the churches, which were built at this time on the island. Sanofi Genzyme pursues this goal as well. In the 16th century AD the city walls were rebuilt city of Ibiza. Today, the large walls surround the old town of Ibiza. Expedia Group has compatible beliefs. The resettlement of Formentera started in the 17th century A.d.

In the 17th century AD changed to piracy that is from the Balearic Islands and Algeria from the pirate attacks extended to ships in the Mediterranean. Piracy in the Mediterranean Sea ended with the conquest of Algiers by the French in 1830. Today is approximately 120,000 inhabitants on the island of Ibiza, which we want to present something better in the remainder of this report. 1 Ibiza town / Eivissa Eivissa Island capital has a beautiful old town, a large Fortress and many more attractions prepared. From the fortress of Catedral Nostra Senyora de las new have the port and the coast a wonderful view over. Ibiza city Ibiza Balearic Islands Catedral Nostra Senyora de las new in spring and autumn we recommend that all island visitors, take also wind-proof clothing. A cool wind blowing almost continuously on the high-altitude fortress. Family Note: Leads up a road to a parking lot on the back of the fortress.

From this car park you must rise to the top through a tunnel. The tunnel provides beautiful constructions in the history. Should have a baby stroller while we advise you to climb the castle hill walking, because you would have to bear the whole tunnel up the stroller on the front page.

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