| March 10, 2021

The exchange rate in 2009: 1.00 EUR = 1.95276 BGN, 1.00 USD = 1.31455 BGN Which languages are spoken in Bulgaria? – Most major resorts you perfectly understand if you speak in English, in Russian, but also sometimes in German. Many Bulgarians speak English as a second language. The older generation is usually described as […]

Resorts In Miami

| January 30, 2021

Nothing can compete with Miami Beach – a wide strip of this extraordinary white sand stretching for twenty-five miles, washed crystal-pure water, the Atlantic Ocean. Across the bay, we can see that Biscayne Bay, Miami connected by bridges with the eastern suburb of Miami Beach, where along the beach are hotels, resorts, motels on the […]

United Arab Emirates

| January 15, 2021

Tips and rules of conduct for the stay in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates Dubai, 10.05.10 – the Emirate of Dubai is 3885 square kilometers after Abu Dhabi Dubai, the second largest Emirate of the United Arab Emirates. The flight time from Germany, Austria or the Switzerland is approx. Speaking candidly Trader Joe’s told […]


| January 4, 2021

What is a modern backpack? This well-designed rucksack, two Backpack straps. Forerunner of the modern backpack – backpack army VIII century. The backpack allows the holder to carry enough volume and large loads at a decent distance, leaving the hands free. Travel backpacks, in addition, equipped with special hard (semi-rigid) inserts on the level of […]

Atlantis Palace Square

| January 2, 2021

Do you love the northern capital of our country as I love her? Maybe like, but not so much. The narrow streets with historic buildings, the air saturated with magic and mystery … St. Petersburg-yard wells and attract fans adventure, and the roofs of the city carry a tremendous energy. Why moan Atlantis Palace Square […]

Travel Tip Libya: Desert Virus In The Mysterious Orient

| December 22, 2020

The desert State Libya offers without a doubt not only fantastic landscapes and prehistoric culture, but also the ancient treasure Chamber immersion in the endless dunes of the Sahara, past on deserted and obscure rock landscapes, powerful storage castles and thriving OASIS towns. Archaic villages of Berber, Tuareg settlements and Ghost mountains. Diving in mazes […]

About Skyscanner Skyscanner

| November 23, 2020

Already a significant decline in the flight search is to Sharm el Sheikh after the fatal shark attack on a tourist in Sharm el Sheikh the beaches of the region have been blocked. The Germans had succumbed to their injuries after the attack. Last week also holiday-makers from Russia by a shark were attacked and […]

Adventure Travel

| November 14, 2020

Varied fauna and flora on nature trips in Costa Rica experience Costa Rica is known for its rich flora and fauna, as well as the commitment to sustainable tourism and therefore highly recommended for nature and adventure travel. Despite its small size, the country has a varied landscape: white beaches, dense rain forests, rugged mountains […]

Jochen Zimmermann

| November 1, 2020

April 1 through action/wwf holiday book and support the WWF Berlin, February 24, 2011 every minute disappear around 35 football fields valuable forest. * to counteract the users of the portal for sustainable travel, Traverdo, between February 21 and April 1 can make a contribution to this development. Because at the start of the international […]

Travel Tip Bosnia

| November 1, 2020

Invites passionate travelers on a journey of discovery through the Balkans – Bosnia to Macedonia the independent Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the Balkan peninsula. The extraordinary diversity of the picturesque and inaccessible district, the thrilling juxtaposition of different cultures and influences from the Islamic, Catholic and Orthodox religion make a discovery journey through […]