Western Union

Posted By on September 7, 2013

Second you’ll need a payment processor so you want to buy can make payment via credit card, there are several alternatives which will not require much paperwork but these alternatives work not in all the countries, for example we have PAYPAL is an excellent collection system but does not work in several countries in South America for safety reasons, what many people do is find a relative or friend who lives in the USA or any country where working and ask that opening this friend has it for you in that country, so will have to provide your banking information so that money from sales go to esa current or savings account and ask that each month send you the money via Western Union, this is an idea that I and I’ve seen that many people are using this way, there is another option called 2CHECKOUT is similar to PAYPAL but for this you’ll need to have your finished website and request system for this raisins to approval and there are possibilities that you reject in the event that you sell any product which don’t have sales rights.

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