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Mrio Santiago de Oliveira, as Overseer of Block, authority that, at the time made to the times of a policy commission agent, deciding all the cases of responsibility of the policy, also subordinate the Secretariat of Security Public of the State, that all gave the support to it in the exercise of its functions. Mrio Santiago de Oliveira, who arrived in this city in the year of 1961, played function of Block Overseer until the arrival of the first District chief of police, in 1962, Mr. Maximiano Coast, that if it became very known and very feared, for the energetic way as it exerted its position, without interference of politicians and or influential people. 1 Notary’s office of Good Garden, as City, was implanted in 1968, having as legal category, Notary’s office ex-officio Only subordinated to the Judicial district of Saint Ines, up to 29 of August of 1987, when Garden was implanted the Judicial district Good, starting for counting on the notary’s offices 1 and 2 Oficio. The first Notary’s office of Good Garden had as notary Mrs. Esmeraldina Lopes Arajo, that exerts until the current days. Today, it is titular of the Notary’s office of 2 Oficio, since the creation of the judicial district of Good Garden.

The ways of transports and communication of Good Garden in years 60 in the summer it was truck gardening (a bus with would carroceria wooden and mixing) and the Florncia company Blacksmith. During the winter, troops of donkeys, motor boats and canoe were used. In Good Garden telephone in the mandate appeared of Mayor Adroaldo in 1973. The first radio was Mr. Joo of the radio, the first television belonged to Mr.

Antonio Joaquin, where many people if congregated to attend; the first proprietor of car was Mr. Raymond Timteo, the car was one pick-up blue, and Mr. Frazo possessed the first truck; the troops of animals that passed through the service of the community in years 60? mainly in the winter – carrying people and products of Good Garden to the side of the river Pindar and the Saint they belonged you there: Sebastio Bishop, Manuel Chagas, Severino Milk, Geraldinho and Camilo, – this last one, according to stories, was the first tropeiro to make freights of Good Garden the Saint Ines, its troop was of 15 donkeys.

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