Enamel And Steel

Posted By on August 26, 2013

How to create a reliable protection for pipes ioborudovaniya in the oil industry in the world operating more than one million kilometers of trunk gas pipelines. More pipes used in chemical, metallurgical and other industries, as well as utilities. The long and the metal-line network and are responsible for the increased likelihood of accidents. The main reason – corrode pipes. Their resistance increases the protective coating.

Depending on operating conditions steel pipe must have certain properties. For pipes used in oil industry, the most important characteristics such as a mirror smooth surface, chemical resistance and minimal adhesion (sticking) of the particles of paraffin. Promising type of coatings are different silicate enamels – acid, durable, heat resistant, vibration-resistant, etc. The best selection of enamel and its modes of application and firing provides exceptionally high quality indicators such protection. According to the chemical resistance of enameled steel pipes are not inferior copper, titanium and lead, and they are at cost several times cheaper.

The use of glass lined pipes made of carbon steel instead of stainless steel gives a tenfold savings. The advantages of such products include greater mechanical strength, including a comparison with other types of coatings – epoxy, polyethylene, plastic, and higher abrasion resistance, so there is possible to reduce the diameter of the pipeline without reducing their capacity. The leading Western countries there is a high level of production and consumption of enameled pipes. For example, in the U.S., with respect to the issue pipes of stainless steel in some years, ranged from 50 to 100%. In Russia the figure is 0.5-1%. In fact, the industrial production of enameled pipes in our country has not yet developed. Oilfield equipment operates in Russia Given the increasing activity of commercial media. Tubes fail as a result of peptic ulcer and trench corrosion. Durability of oil-field pipes are usually much lower standard.

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